Ways to Improve Convert Local College Students Into Buyers

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Digital StudentsAs new forms of digital technology are constantly evolving, local businesses are utilizing new types of media platforms and marketing strategies to promote their products and businesses through digital advertising to college students. Huffington Post recently discussed why these tactics should be added to your traditional marketing ideas.

1. Online

Online advertising is one of the most frequently used mediums within the marketplace. In this competitive environment it is crucial to generate awareness for your business. If Company A has strong online presence and is selling the same product or service as Company B who has a weaker online presence, consumers will invest with Company A. While a business may have an “all-star” website, if it is not accessibleto potential buyers, it is ultimately useless.  Although online advertising can be used to target a variety of different demographics, it is highly effective when trying to reach college students. Growing up in such a technology savvy era, college age students know the internet like the back of their hand, and spend a vast amount of time surfing the web.

2. Mobile

With the rapid increase of smartphone owners, consumers are now searching and purchasing straight from their mobile phones. Therefore, it is not only important for your business to appear on mobile devices, but to also make sure that your website is mobile optimized for easy consumer access from their mobile phones. Although many people own mobile phones, college students are usually the ones who use them the most. It is hard to come by a college student who is not glued to their mobile phone, and even harder to find a college student who does not own one.

3. Social Media

Huffington Post recommends advertising via social media sites such as Facebook.  These sites are becoming a way of life, and people are spending increasingly more time on them.  Not only do social media sites allow people to see what is going on with their friends and followers at any moment, but most sites also provide a log of what people have posted dating back to the creation of their account. Because of their busy lives and schedules, college students are some of the biggest users of social media sites. Sites like Facebook allow college students to stay up to date with campus activities, connect with classmates and meet people on campus that share their interests. Placing your local ad in the news stream provides a high level of impact.

While our team recognizes the importance of digital advertising to college students, we believe that the best way to target the college demographic is through a 360 degree approach that combines both digital and traditional platforms to reach students from different angles. Each touch point will reinforce your brand message and campaign goals.

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