What Millennials Want in a Brand

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The millennial generation is focused on themselves – and believe the brands they choose to associate with define them as a person. They crave showcasing their best version of themselves online and through social media, find comfort in getting likes through double-tapping pictures and engage with others through the click of a follow button. Millennials are constantly asking “what does this brand say about me?” They are looking for brands that enable them to become something larger than themselves. In order to introduce your brand to millennial generation, dedicate time to shape your brand’s identity and how it will fit in with the millennial lifestyle.

Millennials want brands that they can make a personal connection with. They want to be involved in sharing and being a part of creative content online. According to an info graphic by AdWeek, 54% of millennials said they like when brands try and get customers involved through crowd sourcing, videos and other types of involvement. Make them feel included in your brand rather than advertised at.  Brands that win over millennials are brands that post short-form and highly relatable content that will prompt customers to share with others, comment and answer questions, or tag their friends in.

Pushing limits to experience the world is a common goal among millennials. Seventy-eight percent of millennials choose to spend their money on a desirable experience over a product. They value collecting experiences over collecting things and love to pin down places they’ve been through location tags and capture what they’ve done through pictures. Millennials want to buy products for the experiences they can have with it as opposed to simply the pleasure of owning it. They need to hear, taste, feel or see something to believe it. Reach beyond the traditional ad campaigns to offer engaging experiences customers can have with your product to make their lives better.


Because millennials dedicate their time perfecting their image online, they are looking to associate with brands that stand for a cause larger than itself. Over 85% of youths correlate their purchasing decisions and recommendations of a brand to the social efforts a company supports. They expect the brands they represent to be in sync with their ideals and support the same movements. Profit for a purpose is the new standard for success. Brands that stand for something will easily have the upper hand in attracting attention and gaining customers. TOMS, a for-profit shoe company has mastered the strategy of incorporating social causes to further its marketing strategy by promoting its One for One program – for each pair of shoes sold, another pair will be given to a person in a third world country. Since the company’s founding in 2006, it has provided over a million shoes to children in need.

In summary, millennials are looking for a brand that represents them and what they stand for and engages with them in short form with an emphasis on experience. Here at OnCampus Advertising, we can help your brand make a positive impression on college students.

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