Who are College Brand Ambassadors?

Student Brand Ambassadors
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When thinking about college brand ambassadors, some might have a misperception about who they actually are. We see celebrities promoting just about anything on their social media platforms, or social influencers with 10s of thousands of followers. We often wonder how they even got to that point. The answer is, everyone has to start from the bottom and work their way up. Anyone who wants to be a brand ambassador has the ability to be one. If you scrolled through your Instagram feed, the odds you would see one of your friends promoting something is higher than you think. A college brand ambassador doesn’t need thousands of followers to do their job well. There are other components that add to being a successful brand ambassador.  


Companies hire college brand ambassadors in order to have real students representing the brand in a positive way. Brand ambassadors raise awareness and spread the word in ways that fit their personal lifestyle. For example, a company might hire a female college student in a sorority to promote their clothing brand. Even if the student only has 1,000 followers on Instagram, her ability to spread the word throughout her on campus presence vast exceeds her abilities on social media. If someone were to just look at her Instagram, and see only 200 likes on a picture, they might not understand why she is a brand ambassador. The amount of work she spends flyering, postering, and sharing information with friends is not represented by her social media presence.


Being known on social media is still one of the most important roles of a college brand ambassador. However, it is not a make it or break it factor. We have to continue to grow the brand ambassador pool of people. Those with not as many followers, might come off more relatable than celebrities or famous bloggers. Additionally, they will work even harder to do their tasks offline, while also building their base online. Social media has created a world where just about anyone can connect with thousands of people. It doesn’t take fame or fortune to influence your followers. Next time you’re wondering who college brand ambassadors are, simply open your Instagram feed, and they will be right there.

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