Why Brand Ambassadors Are Essential

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We live in a socially networked world. While for some generations this is still a relatively new concept for, however millennials have grown up in this world and haven’t known anything else. Because of this, millennial consumers are best served by one person who can pitch a product or brand, close the deal and provide ongoing care. College brand ambassadors are the answer.


  • It’s not just about the sales. Okay, in the end it is about sales from a business owner’s perspective, however the customer is looking for something more. They don’t just want to be sold something, they want to be engaged on all levels and brand ambassadors are able to provide this with in person and media interaction.
  • They really get to know the customer. In brand ambassador models, consumers have one point person to guide them throughout the process and this is someone who is personable and relatable. The personal touch strengthens customer loyalty to the brand.
  • They know it all. Hiring a brand ambassador just makes sense. They understand the target audience (because they are the target audience), they are masters of their campus, they get what college students are looking for, and they are able to make your brand relatable to peers through personal insight.
  • You’ll get better follow-through. College students are more likely to relate to their peers than a businessman coming to sell them a product who cannot relate to the target audience at all. Brand ambassadors are the consumers’ peers, they are more likely to get you on board and after that the promotion will continue to grow. They will see them around campus sporting their brand swag and naturally the ambassador’s friends will also become walking advertisements.
  • You’ll be an innovator. Take the chance and invest in this. While your competitors are placing stagnant ads in college newspapers, your brand will be sported throughout campus in a bigger than life way.

OnCampus Advertising can help get your next brand ambassador campaign kicked into gear.

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