Why Display Ads Won’t Go Out of Style

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Some marketers proclaim that display ads are a dying channel in the marketing world and attribute this to the decline in click-through rates and the fact that eyes tend to avoid large banners that pop up when clicking through a website. However, display advertisements are still proven to be successful in advertisement campaigns and are adapting to the shifts among different platforms. Here are some reasons why display advertisements are revolutionizing to keep up with different channels of advertising.

Native and digital video are providing a fresh take on display advertising.

New innovative forms of display advertising that reach beyond standard rectangle and banner sizes and advances in video advertisements have given a new look to display advertising. Native ads are consistent with the platform on which it appears, as well as other media on that platform. A new type of digital video called in-feed video emphasizes the content feed over the video stream.

Mobile propels display advertising forward.


Mobile advertising has expanded its annual compound rate to 110% over the past five years according to a report by IAB this year, and it has reached revenue of over $12.5 billion in 2014. The revenue is split between mobile searches and display advertising. Therefore, mobile advertising and its use of a wide variety of display formats are pushing the growth of display advertising forward.

It is proven effective through statistics.


According to the IAB report, advertisers have spent a total of $13.5 billion on display advertising in 2014, which represents a 5% (an additional $6.4 billion) increase from the year 2013. Studies that examine how display performs show how it increases awareness without being intrusive, native display increases awareness and post-exposure brand search, and in-feed digital video emphasizes brand impact and performance metrics.

New formats encourage creative and programmatic media.

Although many advertisers stick to the traditional sizes of display ads, there is a plethora of opportunities to expand beyond. Advances in programmatic creative build on optimizing creative to deliver personalized content that responds to data signals from previous individual sessions. This complex process of producing programmatic creative media could not be accomplished without the help of formatted display advertising.

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