Why you NEED Brand Ambassador Marketing in your Media Plan

Brand Ambassador Marketing
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There are two types of brand ambassador marketing. The first: famous, recognizable, and expensive. And then there is the second type: affordable and relatable–the smarter type, the type we deal with. Micro-influencers are one of the smartest choices your company can make when trying to advertise your product to younger generations. Let us tell you why.

The Dying Form of Advertisements

Almost everyone in the world is now constantly staring at a screen. However, the television may not be the best screen for your brand anymore. Television advertisements are a slowly dying form of advertisements. While they are still extremely common and unavoidable, they are boring, untrustworthy, and expected. TV viewers have little reaction to commercials anymore. Instead, using mobile devices and social platforms has taken over.

Relatable and Reliable

A trusted source advertising a product can go a long way. Instead of hearing it from a mass announcement like a commercial or famous person being paid millions, people want to hear it from someone who is relatable and reliable. Using micro-influencers allows your advertisement to build trust with consumers through real human interaction.


Because micro-influencers do not have the following that those who are famous do, they do not come at a large cost. The return rate for your investment will be satisfying. In fact, it is even possible that you have to pay them nothing at all. If you are using them to represent a big brand, the association may be incentive enough. In turn, if a person advertising a brand is being paid little or nothing to advertise them, then people are also going to be more willing to believe them.

Choose Carefully

Yes, yes, this has all sounded easy so far. But one tip: choose your micro influencers carefully. You want someone who will show passion and enthusiasm when promoting your product or brand. You want someone who can successfully answer questions, guide consumers in the right direction, and push forward good conversation. Because after all, this micro influencer, while they may not have a large following, is now a representative of your brand…


Modern, reliable, and affordable: the perfect recipe to a successful brand ambassador marketing campaign.


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