Back-to-College Advertising

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Back-to-college advertising is crucial for many marketers. According to a 2018 survey conducted by Deloitte, back-to-school shopping is the second biggest shopping season. Offers, deals and ads flood and overwhelm consumers during this time. A strong marketing plan helps your company stand out and reaches college students and their families.

Offer Resources and Help

Move-in is stressful. Once students get to campus and start to unpack their boxes; flyers and pens can easily get lost in the shuffle. Have brand ambassadors hand out useful organizers or branded items. This unique and useful tactic cuts through the noise and makes a great impression. It is also important to remember your audience. Decide if you want to gear your messaging to the parents, the student, or the family as a whole.

Start Early

While spending peaks in early August, it’s a good idea to start your back-to-college advertising campaign earlier. By marketing before August you can increase your brand recognition. This keeps your company at the forefront of shoppers’ minds even before they start making their back-to-school purchasing plans. The Deloitte study also found that 62% of consumers plan to start their shopping before August and those who do are likely to spend 20% more.

Don’t Underestimate Deals

Early shoppers are also more likely to seek out deals and use coupons, but all back-to-school shoppers appreciate a bargain. A survey coordinated by OnCampus Advertising and WhatsGoodly found that 93% of students were at least partially effected by coupons and 22% of respondents admitted that they use coupons for almost everything they buy. It is increasingly easy for consumers to save while shopping with more stores using mobile coupons and promoting products and deals on their apps as technology continues to simplify bargain hunting. Social media has also become an great way to let shoppers know about back-to-schools offers, and 63% of back-to-school shoppers said they used social media to find promotions while another 59% said they use it to receive coupons.

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