College Micro-Influencers

College Micro-Influencers
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According to Clout, By 2020, the influencer global marketing spend is set to increase by $2 billion! So it’s suggested you get in now while companies are spending, spending, spending! One of the best ways to become involved is to reach college campuses. College Micro-Influencers are a great way to get your message to students from peers.

College Micro-Influencers typically range from 1,000 followers to 5,000 followers on social media sites like Instagram. While this is smaller than the Kim Kardashians of the world (147M followers), these followers view the poster as an equal. Additionally college micro-influencer feeds aren’t as cluttered with promotional messaging as a larger social media influencer.

We recently discussed the importance of social media influencers.  They provide exposure to new customers and are also fellow college students. They are a more trusted resource than corporate brands or spokespeople. These college micro-influencer’s voices are viewed as more authentic. This also leads to high engagement rates. The rate at which people comment, like or share a post is much higher than many macro-influencers.

Although not every campaign, product or service lends itself to a great micro-influencer campaign, the below list of examples provide great jumping off ideas:

Products with great visual appeal

Social media is a visual medium. If you offer a product that looks great in pictures, influencers can show it off easily. They also have fun with the posts and shoot images in unique settings

Quirky Campaigns/HashTags

People use social media for entertainment. Humor and quick laughs flood feeds. Campaigns should incorporate an unusual, fun, thought provoking Hash Tag or Slogan into the posts.

Rewards and Incentives

A post that offers a prize or gift for completing an activity increases engagement. The post itself can contain a link or reference a discount code. Another approach would be to offer a prize to commentators or people who repost using a specific hashtag. The interactivity of a campaign makes it more memorable.

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