College Summer Marketing

College Summer Marketing
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College Summer 2021 Outlook

Summer sessions at colleges and universities are just around the corner. Many college students take summer classes to get ahead on their required credits. They may also choose to take more challenging courses over the summer while having a smaller workload and a shorter time frame. Unfortunately, many colleges and universities have announced most classes will be offered in either as a hybrid or fully remote model this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we predict this will only give college students another reason to take summer classes. Here is the 2021 college summer marketing outlook.

Remote Delivery

Many schools, especially many in California, have extended remote instruction into the summer. Santa Rosa Junior College cited the high COVID-19 infection rates in Northern California in their decision. Many other colleges experiencing outbreaks in their areas followed suit. Other schools, such as Boston University, have adopted a “learn from anywhere” model this summer. This gives students the option to quite literally learn from anywhere, whether that be on campus or remotely through Zoom.

With vaccination rates increasing and many schools preparing for an in-person fall semester, this primarily remote attitude for summer classes may come as a surprise to some. However, taking summer classes from anywhere opens so many doors for college students. They can still vacation wherever they wish without the requirement of being on campus. With a lighter workload, they can still participate in other fun summer activities. Online summer courses ultimately give college students the freedom to enjoy their summer months while continuing their learning. Many colleges recognize this, especially after conducting fully remote classes last summer and seeing an increase in registration.

Marketing Outlook

Even with some schools offering a hybrid model for courses this summer, don’t expect too many college students to stay on campus and take their classes in person. It may be best to stick to digital marketing tactics and social media in reaching college students this summer. Save other on-campus tactics for what many schools promise to be an entirely in-person semester this fall, as mentioned in our Back-to-School 2021 Outlook.


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