Digital Advertising to College Students

Digital Advertising to College Students
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Today’s college student has never really experienced life without the internet or without technology. Generation Z students generally spend upwards of 50 hours a week on their digital devices and are constantly being bombarded by ads every day. This makes it seem as if digital advertising to college students is the way to go. However, it is important to keep in mind this overflow of media that reaches these students can somewhat desensitize them. Because of this it is vital to try and find ways to be one of the few ads that stands out in a sea of commercials. This is clearly not as simple as it may seem, but here are a couple of approaches you can attempt.

Platforms to Use

In order to reach college students through digital advertising, the use of social media is inevitable.  To make sure to reach this demographic, you need to make sure you are using the right platforms. While their parents may be using Facebook or Twitter, this generation of college students is more likely going to be using emerging platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat.

In order to reach this demographic, make sure to not only use these platforms, but use them correctly. Try to make regular interesting posts, not only on your feed but also on your story. It is also important to use hashtags correctly and do not over do it.

Fun Promotions and Raffles

Although you may be making interesting posts on your feed, this may not be enough to get recognized. There is an ocean of interesting posts and many people may just scroll right by you. Do not make the mistake of thinking your high following represents a high brand popularity as you should be determining that through actual paying customers.

Now the question is, how to engage all of these people into looking deeper at your product and actually becoming a paying customer. Now even though college students today have more money to spend than most past generations, this does not mean that they do not still enjoy free things. Therefore, you could try to engage them through fun competitions and raffles on your social media. This will allow them to think more about your business and maybe talk about it to their friends.

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