How to Email Market to College Students

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The key to engaging college students is not in social media marketing or pulling publicity stunts by using email right, according to the Harvard Business Review. It is true that college students are dependent on Snapchat and Instagram, but they are more dependent on email. Aweber discovered that students perceive social networks “for fun” and email “for serious business.” The data backs up the significance of email in communicating with college students. Not convinced? Here are the benefits of email marketing. To make email marketing a breeze for your business, follow these steps.

  1. College students want the feeling of exclusivity

College students are actively searching about different brands, their background and their story. To win over them with email marketing, it is important to provide value that they can’t find anywhere else. Make them feel unique and important by sending tips, tools, discounts and other information only available through email.  Give them opportunities to ask influential partners or employees of your business directly via email. Provide them with tips and tricks they can’t get anywhere else. It is important to mention all the benefits they would receive to potential subscribers.

  1. Email should be a two-sided conversation

Email is still one of the most effective ways of communication because it provides a platform for conversation: action and reaction. To successfully email market to college students, use this feature as much as it seems fit. This generation does not want to be lectured or told what to do: they want to participate, engage and become the hero of a campaign. Craft your emails keeping in mind how students will engage with it. If an email does not have a call to action, question or follow-up, it won’t see much results. Don’t make email a one-sided conversation – open it up to seek their opinions and ideas.

  1. Send emails during non-work hours

One of the struggles many brands face is how to make theirs stand out, as consumers are constantly overwhelmed with emails every time of day. An Adobe study discovered that college students are more likely to check emails outside of work and class hours. Seventy percent of college students check their email in bed (versus 52% of other generations surveyed). This means that late nights and early mornings are the best time to send.

  1. Avoid bulk emails, use email segmentation instead

The times where purchased email lists and email blasts to thousands of accounts is over. Technology has allowed every brand to tailor and craft each message to each specific customer. Email segmentation can separate groups of college students by age, gender, involvement in clubs, race, ethnicity and more. Use advanced tools to send customized email that reads and feels like they were specifically designed just for the recipient.

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