Gen Z and Personal Branding

Gen Z Branding
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Gen Z and Personal Branding

n some of our previous blog posts, we touched on how the Gen Z generation, college students, in particular, focus on curating their personal brand. This is especially true when discussing influencer marketing. As mentioned in Instagram and College students, college students generally want their posts to be themselves, and they desire engagement. However, their personalization online goes a little deeper than that. Today we will be discussing what drives Gen Z in their quest for personal branding online and how marketers can capitalize on and align with their branding.


It’s prevalent for Gen Z to post online wearing and associating with brand names they like, even without being paid. They want to incorporate unique styles and tones they feel speak to their personality and individualization. The content they release is ultimately representing them and all parts of their personality.

This is something to keep in mind if your brand is interested in engaging with Gen Z through influencer marketing. Gen Z are more likely to integrate a brand into their own brand if they feel their personality aligns. This is no easy feat, finding influencers who can identify with your brand entirely. But the benefits of working with Gen Z influencers who already like the brand and feel it fits their persona are numerous. It takes a little effort on the brand’s side to embrace the individualization and more unique qualities of Gen Z.


Another significant factor driving what Gen Z chooses to post online and include in their personal brand is their values. The Gen Z generation is very value driven. They care about sticking to their values and crafting content that supports this. It’s crucial to make your brand aware of these values and integrate them into your brand identity in targeting a Gen Z audience.

When Gen Z individuals like to share what they love and support, they become prime targets for influencer marketing. If a Gen Z influencer can uphold their values by supporting and advertising your brand, your brand name’s exposure and credibility ultimately become vastly notable.

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