Instagram and College Students

Instagram and College Students
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Over the past decade, Instagram has exploded as a social media platform. Individuals of all ages logging on daily to scroll through their feed or post on their account. The app offers many features, such as posting either main posts or to one’s “story,” liking and commenting on other users’ posts, direct messaging, or using the “explore page” for personalized content. More recently, the app added shopping via Instagram Shop. Instagram has over 1 billion users to date, but it’s largest age demographic is the Gen Z generation. With the number of users having doubled since 2016, Instagram has become a crucial platform for social media marketing. It is especially true for college students, and here’s why.

Vehicle for Obtaining Information

College students don’t spend as much time reading or watching the news as older generations. With the popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu increasing, they also don’t see as many digital advertisements in their daily lives outside of social media. Therefore, Instagram has become a platform for not just keeping up with friends’ and acquaintances’ lives, but for staying up to date with society as a whole. Celebrities and influencers on Instagram have begun to dictate the latest fashion trends, which TV shows and movies are a must-watch, and even which issues occurring in society are most relevant.

More specifically, Instagram users are more likely to trust something they see on a follower’s page. They respond to someone they may know, which is why social media marketing and influencer marketing are vital. Instagram has become a critical vehicle for obtaining all kinds of information among college students. Businesses looking to gauge an audience of college students should highly consider doing so through Instagram and other social media platforms for this reason.

Staying in Touch

Another important aspect of Instagram is the concept of engagement. Whether they express it or not, most college students want their Instagram content to be liked and appreciated by others. This leads to a desire to have more followers. On the other end, college students also follow other users they may know. They engage with their content as a means of staying in touch. Either way, engagement is an important reason why college students post the content they do or like the content they like.

College students want to publish or advertise content they believe will grant them higher engagement from their followers. This content could consist of using the same filter as other posts to maintain a desired aesthetic. But most importantly, college students want their posts to be of themselves! It’s why they have an Instagram profile in the first place, and it’s what their followers follow them for. Therefore, those looking to employ social media marketing, specifically through college students, should keep in mind these thoughts in crafting content to garner high engagement.

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