How to do College Recruitment Advertising

College Recruitment Advertising
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To keep companies stocked with new young minds it is important to execute college recruitment advertising tactics. Recent college graduates are eager to enter the work force to demonstrate and hone the skills they’ve spent years developing. Their energy and fresh ideas can be a major asset to well-established brands as well as start-ups and smaller offices. Especially as graduation draws near, some students are in a mad dash to find a job and search through hundreds of postings to find the right fit.

Companies need to understand what these recent graduates are looking for in their first job out of college. Even as they may feel like they are scrambling to find a job and stay out of their parent’s basements, graduates still want to work somewhere they know they will be valued and put themselves in the best position to further their career goals. To ensure that your company is able to recruit the best and brightest, you have to stand out and engage your audience.

We recently provided tips on college recruitment advertising, here are few more how to lessons:

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform to generate name recognition. It creates an employer brand for potential employees to get an idea of what to expect when working for your company. It is a great way to demonstrate your company culture and can help appeal to recent graduates that would fit in well with the team. Social media can also allow for cursory background checks and makes it easy to confirm their qualifications.

Social media has become an increasingly important way for students to find job postings. A recent study shows that 48% of people used social media in their search for their most recent job. As more recruiters begin utilizing social media you must also adapt your strategies. Engage with your ideal candidates and understand what is important to them. Emphasizing mentorship and training within the company can really help gain the attention of recent graduates. Even graduates with strong resumes and experience want to be able to keep improving. This can also help motivate and keep employees invested in the company.

Establish a Presence on Campus

Building strong relationships is essential in recruiting. Being able to connect with students in person or through company liaisons is a great way to keep your company at the forefront of their minds when they start job hunting. Increasing the presence of your brand, will improve college recruitment advertising. Talk to career centers and student organizations to increase the number of reputable individuals spreading your employer brand message. Engage with the students on a more individual level. Attend career fairs and offer industry advice in professional club meetings or classes. The latter can be helpful especially in years when your organization cannot guarantee job openings for college graduates, but you still want to maintain your connection to campus.

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