Marketing to International Students

Marketing to International Students
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Earlier this year, we discussed the international student market, and how to target it. However, we will reveal some things to keep in mind before targeting 1.09 million international students in the US.

This year, international students broke the record for the most international students in the USA ever. Since there has been a 1.5% incline in international undergraduate, and graduate students. We believe that there is important to develop a marketing plan to international students. However, you must do your research in order to target them accordingly.

When you advertise to international college students, you need to be aware of the following: cultural differences, language barriers, and most importantly their experience in the United States. Since students come from different countries, you must try to understand them in order to target and sell to that demographic.

Cultural Differences

It is very important for companies to understand cultural differences when marketing to international students. In some countries, certain things are celebrated where as in others they’re prohibited. By understanding the cultural differences, you are more likely to attract an international student that feels comfortable and familiar with your brand.

Language Barriers

Keep in mind that most international students speak English as a second or even third language. Therefore, keep the language, and message you’re trying to deliver, as simple as you can. Also, make sure that the message is loud and clear so it is not misinterpreted. Last but not least, catch their attention by using their first language, or fun graphics.

Where to Find International Students

Many universities encourage diverse campuses, therefore they offer their students the opportunities to network. That being said, there are a lot of clubs and organizations run by students on campus that focus on students’ backgrounds.

Also, University Programs usually reveal their students’ demographics to show their diversity on campus. Therefore, you can target specific university programs and departments.

Out of home could also work for international students, as well as American students, as you can display advertisements on campus transportation. Target upper-class students with Out of Home advertising as they usually live off campus.

Last but not least, you can target international college students with social media. Use fellow international students as social influencers. This exposes your brand not only to college kids at the local campus but also people from back home. Also, the international student community is very close, and follow each other.

Email blasts are also a great way to target international students because you target them through their college email. In addition, you can offer discounts and deals only to international students. This motivates the students to invest in your brand.




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