Spring Back-to-School Marketing

Spring Back to School Marketing
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For college students, back to school happens not once, but twice a year. For marketers, it is essential to not only be prepared for fall campaigns in the fall, but spring back-to-school marketing, too. Ignoring this valuable spring back to school rush results in an immense loss of potential sales. So, let’s talk spring semester, and how we can market effectively during this second wave.

The notorious back to school season is the second biggest retail opportunity behind the holiday season. Yet, it would be silly to view back to school as JUST a such short sliver of time. As a marketer, try to remember that back to school is nonstop. Redefine the last few months of summer to year round, and understand that back to school is a more complex strategy than we think.

We must redefine the spring back-to-school marketing opportunity, in order to not leave money on the table. The highest value group of students for back to school campaigns are college students, so take advantage of the fact that you can be campaigning year round. That being said, make your campaigns relevant to the season and to the students.

Know they will always need MORE school supplies

As the fall semester wraps up and spring begins, used notebooks will be thrown out, in exchange for shiny new ones at the store. Pencils, pens, and highlighters have been lost or “borrowed” and the collection needs to be revamped. Water bottles and pencil cases have worn. It is time to go back to school shopping, yet again. While it becomes dreadful for parents and students to participate in this process twice a year, marketers get to enjoy the double dip.

Consider the potential change in weather

Marketing based of location and weather change is immensely important to your campaign. Are you trying to sell clothes? If so, should the focus now be heavier coats or tank tops? Pay attention to the area you are targeting and align your tactics with the season.

The Returning Student

For many who study abroad, the spring semester can feel like the fall. After being away from their main campus for so long, many students feel the need to stock up extra. Many students start over completely by transferring to new schools. New school means a chance to start over and create a new you. Help transfer students feel at ease with your marketing campaign.

Consider the upcoming holidays (Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc)

Take advantage of the upcoming holidays. They make an easy way to make a play with a campaign.

Understand the Mind of the Refreshed Student

Almost every student feels a sense of refreshment as a new semester begins. New supplies, new clothes, and new classes make them feel more eager to jump into the new year. How can you participate in making them feel refreshed? What products can allude to this feeling?

New Years Resolution

An easy way to make sales—as more than 40% of Americans make New Years Resolutions. Involve your campaign or your product with popular resolutions, whether it be fitness, healthy eating, saving money, or focusing on self care. Make your product an obvious choice for the college kid with the New Years Resolution.


Previously on our blog we discussed back to school marketing, but fall style. If you are interested in learning more about the process that we define as year round, click here: https://oncampusadvertising.com/back-to-college-marketing-ideas/.

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