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Back to college: that notorious time of year where kids and their parents hit the market in search of school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year. Once the month of August rolls around, seeing back to school advertisements is unavoidable. Clothing, school supplies, office supplies all labeled: SALE. And thousands and thousands of college students are attracted to get new merchandise for the new year.

Back to college is one of the biggest times for the merchandising world. It is guaranteed demand every year at the same time. As college students leave home to go back to campus, however, where will they choose to do this shopping?

Because of the mass market for back to school shopping, businesses are highly competitive. This makes marketing for back to school especially important. You must be tactful, attractive, and most importantly, stand out against the competition. We have covered back to school marketing previously. Below are a few more tips for successful back to campus marketing.

Data. Data. Data.

Using data from past back to school campaigns is extremely useful. Marketing is important, but are you marketing the right products? If you’re not, your campaign will not be successful, no matter how creative your campaign is. Use data from past years to analyze what students bought the most and what was popular. Looking at trends ensures productivity in your efforts, as they will surely repeat themselves.

Make it Relevant

What is trending in the college world right now? What are students into? Keep up with the hottest trends, and merge them into your marketing campaign. Staying up to date and relevant is important, or college students may quickly lose focus on your brand. Incorporating the hottest trends ensures the attention of students, and the boost of sales.

Involve Actual Students

You’re marketing to students. No one knows what students want more than actual students. Involve them in your marketing campaign. It could be as simple as surveying, or you can even seek help in execution. Consider using brand ambassadors on college campuses, as they understand and can relate with students on a different level. Brand ambassadors are extremely efficient marketing tools: cheap and effective.

Don’t forget Digital Channels

Back to college shopping is increasingly being done online or on mobile devices. Ensure that your website is in tip-top shape for the season. Design unique banners, and designate a page for back to school shopping. Make the online shopping experience seamless for the shopper.

Using these tips will make your back to school campaign more effective. This time of year is crazy for the merchandising world, and it will help ensure that you stand out against the competition.

Happy back to school season, goodbye summer.



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